My name is River, and I am a body + lifestyle curator.

What do I mean by curator?

In the past, I have been referred to as teacher, coach, trainer, astrologer, yogi, but none of these titles encapsulated who I really was. After years of searching for the perfect title to encompass my offerings, passions, and skill set, the word curator magically appeared. This simple word deeply resonated with me, and I claimed it as cosmic job title.

Living a full, and meaningful life is the highest form of art and expression. A curator is dedicated to creating powerful, moving experiences. May your life be overflowing with meaning and purpose.

What I Offer

Reclaim Your Body

ONLINE Nia cardio-dance classes. Nia classes teach you how to cultivate a healthy relationship with your beautiful body. These classes are for everyBODY!

Empower Your Life

Astrology and Tarot consultations that help you unlock your potential, process pitfalls, and embrace the beautiful unfolding of your life path.

Tools of Transformation

Courses designed to teach you tools for self development through Tarot, Astrology, and somatic movement.

New Session Starts in February 2021.

"River Plumb is an exceptional Nia teacher! He guides his students with ease and clarity, all the while having a keen ability to hold an energetically safe space for everyone to express their movements and dance with confidence. I always look forward to catching one of his classes. I highly suggest River to anybody who is passing through the Kansas City area, or to find one of his virtual classes. You will not regret it!"


Ama M.


“River is extremely dedicated and informed when it comes to Astrology and I felt that in my reading. I was very impressed by his passion and the time he took into explaining my chart and making sense of something so complicated. Would definitely recommend. He is so nice and easy to talk to”. 


Chance B.

"I recently had my Tarot and Astrology chart read by River Plumb, and if you are on the fence, DO IT! I received so much helpful information and guidance AND had an absolute blast. River is incredibly intuitive, in-sync and brilliant! He is playful and fun, and it was so easy to be myself and ask any question. He’s a gifted reader and an exceptional human. Can’t wait till next time!"


Jasmine L.