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Tarot+Astrology Consultations

Ever feel like you need to step back and gain a new perspective? Tarot and astrology are tools to look more deeply into your life and the influences around you to better create the outcome you desire. Whether you are wanting to accomplish a goal, heal an emotional wound, or find a creative solution to a problem, a consultation with me is a way to glean greater clarity and actively engage with life more fully. Unlike old school fortune telling, I use the language of Tarot and astrology to stimulate creativity, help you tell your personal story and show you new possible outcomes to roadblocks in your life!

What to Expect

Astrology and Tarot are symbolic languages used to express the energy dynamics in and around you. The readings are centered around you. After you book your session, I will send you a questionnaire asking your birth date, time, and location along with what life themes you would like to focus on (love, career, home and family etc.) Your birth chart is a life map revealing your highest potentials and your most perilous pitfalls. The goal of each session is to develop greater self awareness so you can make better choices to craft the life your were meant to live. Come with an inquisitive heart and a desire to make powerful positive change!

What I Offer


Once I have received payment, I will send you a confirmation email to schedule your reading. My typical reading hours are between 1 - 6pm CST Monday through Thursday, as well as Saturday mornings.

Tarot readings are perfect for showing you the big picture. The images reveal the archetypes of life and weave a story of your current circumstances. Readings are done in a coaching setting where we create a dialogue around the cards. Come with questions or allow the cards to illuminate what your most need to hear.


Everyone was born with potential. Your chart reveals your purpose and the tools you have available to you. The chart also illuminates themes and areas of your life that may hinder your development and joy. An astrology reading dives into you natal chart while contextualizing it with the current planetary positions (Transits) that are affecting your life. We will also exploring the unfolding of your chart through Secondary Progressions.



How I Use Tarot

I use Tarot when I am at a crossroad in life. When a situation needs more illumination, I turn to the Tarot. I also use this tool for creative future planning, guided meditations, and in my writing. Having studied this system for over 15 years,  I am continually inspired by the artwork, the symbolism, and the powerful stories the cards tell.​

Readings are done with a coaching mindset where we create a dialogue around the cards. Come with questions or allow the cards to illuminate what you most need to hear. Sessions are 60 mins in length and can be recorded for future listening. I do not do predictive fortune telling or readings regarding other people not present for the reading as this goes against my ethics as a reader. I also do not answer questions about legal issues, health, other issues that are outside of the scope of a reading. Tarot is best utilized by the reader and seeker in actively working together to create positive change in the seeker's life.

For more information about Tarot and my work check out my blog post, "Why Tarot?".

How I Use Astrology

In all my sessions, I seek to empower my clients. I practice Evolutionary Astrology in the style of Steven Forrest. This means that I view the birth chart as a vehicle for soul growth. My job is to communicate of the symbolism of the sky and give you tools to optimize your life. Astrology is an ancient practice that has evolved with the help of modern psychological theory and spiritual modalities from around the world. During a consult, we will look at your natal chart placements for the time of you birth, the life lessons that are being expressed, along with the current astrological forecast (transits and secondary progressions) to anticipate and create an action plan according to your life's unfolding story. Using mythology, coaching, behavior change, and goal setting, together we can work together to craft the life you were meant to live! Sessions are done via Zoom and recorded for further listening. I offer discounts for those interested in working together over multiple sessions.

It's important to have accurate birth data for an astrological reading. If you have questions about where to find this information or how we can do a reading without a birth time, please email me at

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