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Pt. 2 "Why Tarot?" My Life With the Cards

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I don’t believe the cards have some kind of magical, mystical power. I don’t believe the cards show others their fate sealed in the sands of time. I don’t even believe the cards are much more than pretty pictures printed on card stock and neatly organized into a deck that fits inside one’s hand. I do, however, believe that the human mind is a master at recognizing symbols and synchronicity. I know that one’s potential for greatness can be masked in our seemingly unending chatter of the mind, and certain tools such as meditation, dance, and Yoga can be used to help people get out of their own way and see their life with more clarity. The real magic lies within us. Tarot is another such tool for helping people slow down, connect to their bodies in the present moment and step back from the drama of their ego (mind) against the world. Giving and receiving a Tarot reading is a visceral, tangible life-affirming experience, a dialogue between reader and seeker through the language of intuition. Knowing this to be true for myself does not make the cards any less meaningful or significant. If anything, having these beliefs allows me to cultivate an active relationship with my inner guidance represented by the cards and to co-create the life that I desire. Instead of giving my power of choice over to a deck of cards, I am empowered by the conversation I share with the images. To me, the 78 cards of the Tarot represent snippets of life. Imagine the cards as 78 stories that resonate with the frequency of the human experience. First, we have the 22 Major Arcana, or grand life lessons. These cards deal with themes spanning from new beginnings, perilous journeys, finding our inner compass and confronting our shadows, to celebrating the gifts of life, creation, and expression. The four suits of the Minor Arcana are the classical elements of fire, air, water, and earth. These 56 cards show the daily dramas of life and are played out by the characters on the cards. Fire is the force of creativity and passion. Air gives us the cutting wind of hard truths and rational thinking. Water, represented as cups, is the flowing exchange of emotions and relationships. Lastly, Earth is the element of the material plane, and these cards speak of money, work, and domestic life. Just like our favorite characters in books, movies, or myths, we see parts of ourselves expressed in this artistic medium. In recognizing the connection between the cards and our lives, our choices and our outcomes, perhaps we can take control of our lives and learn from the morals of the story played out in a Tarot spread. It’s much like viewing your psyche delicately placed on the table in front of you. With this bird’s eye view of your life, you can see what may be holding you back, standing in your way, or coming down the pipeline, allowing you to prepare accordingly. Tarot brings clarity. In my 12 year relationship with this system, I have laughed, cried, and been utterly blown away by the insights I have received. The dance between my intuition and the images on the cards have led me to greater depths of awareness of my Self and my place in the world, viewing everything as sacred and meaningful. Every time I sit down and shuffle the deck, I am stepping into my life more fully. With the cards outstretched before me like a reflecting pool, I can choose to dip my toes into the water or dive in deep. More than anything, slowing down, dropping into my body, and reconnecting to my inner guidance is the true gift of the Tarot. Stay tuned for next week, for our 3rd and final installment of "Why Tarot?" where I will discuss my reading services and how I work with clients through Tarot Coaching.

Victorian Romantic Tarot

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