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Easy, Tiger

Tuesday 1/2/23

Things are heating up as the Moon joins Mars in Gemini. Although this isn’t quite the rocket fuel you may have been anticipating. We start the year off with Mars retrograde. This can mean that going too hard, too fast, and too soon out the gate in regards to new year’s resolutions can backfire, leaving you burned by your own overzealous enthusiasm. A better use of your energy in the new year would be to brainstorm, assess, and create a slow, sustainable plan built on learning from past successes and mistakes.

I like to assign a number from 1-10 to the different areas of life that are important to me. Some examples include my health, my mental well-being, my relationship, my friends and family etc. The goal is to assess my perceived satisfaction in those areas. Anything lower than a 5 deserves my immediate attention. I then ask myself, “What can I do to increase my satisfaction in that arena of life?”

Retrogrades are often associated with the past. As Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes.” During this Mars retrograde period, what can you take from the past to assist you in your goals in the present? What life challenges typically throw you off? How did you solve a similar problem in the past? When in your life have you accomplished a similar goal?

This self-inquiry will not only give you more motivation and self-efficacy, but you can learn from the past to achieve your desires with more efficiency. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use your awareness and self-understanding to reach your future goals and handle setbacks with ease. You are smarter and more experienced now than ever before.

Go forth and be well.

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