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Saturn in Pisces Through the Houses

The part of your chart that is being transited by Saturn is where you are being invited to organize, consolidate, and restructure for greater stability and sustainability. You might feel heavier or more drained in this part of your life. Remember Saturn is testing your endurance.

To read more about what this means for you, locate your rising sign below to find out which house Saturn is transiting through over the next couple of years.

If you want more in-depth guidance about Saturn and what it means in your natal chart, book a session with me by clicking here.


Pisces Rising - You are being invited to restructure your body and sense of self. This could manifest as a desire to take more time out for yourself. Saturn in the 1st can feel a bit lonely at times. You are being invited to take stock of your life circumstances and life direction. You might benefit from gentle fasting, supporting your body with more nourishing food choices, and limiting jarring/ballistic exercises for the next couple of years.

Aquarius Rising - You are being invited to limit your spending and plan more for the future. Getting a better hold on your finances will allow you to create a more balanced budget so you can save up for unexpected expenses in the future. Saturn is the planet of maturity and responsibility. Rather than freely spending on smaller things, perhaps use this time to save up for a bigger, more meaningful purchase.

Capricorn Rising - You are being invited to use less words to communicate in order to deliver your message more clearly. Saturn naturally limits and restricts the topics of the house that it is in. With Saturn moving through your 3rd house of communication, remember less is more when it comes to speaking. Learn to be a better communicator by slowing down, enjoying the silence between your words. Practice listening with no inner dialogue. Give your full attention to receiving the other person’s message.

Sagittarius Rising - You are being invited to clean house, literally and metaphorically. The 4th house represents our home and family. Both the place that we live and the memories that we have. Saturn in the 4th is often associated with remodels and renovation. This could be as simple as fixing that darn leaky faucet or as complex as demolishing the old to make room for the new. Take stock of your current living situation and see what little projects you can do to make the place more liveable for the foreseeable future. Look at your current family dynamics. What is no longer working? What new habits can you create in order to support a healthier dynamic at home?

Scorpio Rising - You are being invited to cut back on overindulgence. Saturn in the 5th is an opportunity to prune your pleasures for more sustained enjoyment. Think of this time as a dopamine detox. We live in a high reward society. By limiting any pleasure bombs in the short term, you will be able to enjoy the little joys in the future. The 5th House is also associated with children. If you are a parent, perhaps explore various parenting styles until you find one that best supports you and your child.

Libra Rising - You are being invited to support your health through diet and movement. Similar to Saturn in the 1st, you may benefit from gentle fasting, cutting out foods that may be inflammatory to your body, and limiting any jarring exercises like running or high impact sports. Your body is more sensitive to extremes and you may feel your age. Be gentle with yourself and add on health promoting activities that support your body's longevity like walking and massage. Work on stabilizing exercises that offer therapeutic benefits to your joints and soft tissues.

Virgo Rising - You are being invited to look more closely at your personal relationships. What is lacking? Where can you best support the health and longevity of any partnerships? What do you realistically need that isn’t being met? Be sure to ask your partner as well. If you are single, use this time to better understand what you want in a partner. Ask yourself what went wrong in any previous relationships and how can you work on yourself to prevent that from happening in the future?

Leo Rising - You are being invited to work on your finances. This is the time to organize any debts or plan for future debts. This could be saving up for a down payment on something like a home or car. If you are an entrepreneur, work on your tax system for more ease and organization when you have to file in the future. Saturn in the 8th can sometimes manifest as irrational fears and anxieties. Look into practices and therapy that can support your mental health and wellbeing.

Cancer Rising - You are being invited to question your beliefs. This can be anything from religious beliefs to thoughts about life in general. Saturn in the 9th can signify going back to school or getting higher education to support your future. It won’t be easy, but it will provide a strong foundation for you to grow. It can also be a time of committing to a spiritual practice. Limit traveling extensively and enjoy more time at home or exploring your local attractions.

Gemini Rising - You are being invited to take on more responsibility in your work or profession. This could be a promotion or simply added work and pressure. This transit can bring added stress to the point where it shows you the reality of your work situation and inspires you to look for a better position in the future. It depends on other features in your chart. Expect more effort being needed in your work, and cultivate a healthier work/life balance.

Taurus Rising - You are being invited to prune your social commitments and choose quality over quantity in the realm of friends. Saturn is the planet of time and our time here on Earth is limited. Be sure to spend your time with the people who bring you joy and fill up your cup.

Aries Rising - You are being invited to disconnect from the world for the time being. Saturn in the 12th can feel lonely, but deeply healing. By taking time out from the world you can better connect to your spirit without the confines of the mundane world bogging you down. Make sure your alone time is spent in quiet contemplation and not wallowing self-pity. Obviously, you can’t spend your day like a hermit in the woods. Carve out specific time to rest and recharge or else the universe may force you to take time out in other ways.

To learn more about Saturn and what it means in your natal chart, book a session with me by clicking here.

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