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Tips for Eclipses

Having come off a solar eclipse a week and a half ago, and headed towards a lunar eclipse on Friday (5/5), we are smack dab in the middle of eclipse season. Have you sensed a dip in your energy levels? Has your normal routine been disrupted in some way by unforeseen changes? If so, you are sensing the eclipse and likely Mercury retrograde as well.

Eclipses are periods of abnormal darkness. Philosophically, the light of the Sun has always been associated with illumination, truth, understanding, and the higher mind. The Sun is literally the generator of life for all things on earth. To our ancestors who relied heavily on the light for farming and getting the day’s work done, eclipses were viewed as antithetical to life. In some cultures, great myths were told about the monstrous dragon that devoured the Sun or Moon during eclipses. They even made prophecies based on these celestial events about the death of kings or the changing of dynasties.

Needless to say, the eclipses have always been associated with disruption, but we needn’t fear. Here are 3 tips to survive the eclipse season and come out relatively unscathed. We will be out of the woods after the next new moon on 5/19/2023.

1. Slow down and rest

With light being associated with perception, understanding, and seeing things clearly, it is best to not make major decisions during this time or do intensive work on projects that require accuracy and precision. Take more time to rest and attend to your energy output. Even taking small moments of stillness and quiet contemplation can gently recharge your battery when you most need it.

2. Engage with your shadow

Eclipses are times of darkness and shade. Symbolically, the shadow represents the things that we might feel ashamed about, or emotions we feel the need to repress. Cultivating more unconditional acceptance of our past can alchemize our fear and anxieties into wisdom. You will be more able to acknowledge these parts of yourself without the added lens of shame and self-loathing. I recommend the concept of morning pages from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Each morning write out three pages as a stream of consciousness without any judgment or self-censoring. You can start with a question and allow your subconscious to pour out onto the page.

3. Let Go, Surrender, Purge

Eclipses involve the nodes of the Moon. These mathematical points are based on the orbit of the Sun and Moon respectively. The North Node has traditionally been associated with growth, while the South Node was a point of release and pouring out. This particular lunar eclipse involves the Moon near the South Node. Take this time to purge. This can be physical by cleaning out your closets, emptying your garage, and throwing out all the things that are simply collecting dust in the shadows of your storage. Emotionally, this is also a time of purging and letting go of the resentments and other emotions that have stayed past their expiration date. Cultivate a practice of unconditionally letting go of the things that are weighing you down energetically.

How are you experiencing this eclipse season? It has been a bit bumpy with the Mercury retrograde and the heavy Pluto station. Remember to rest and cultivate ease during this unstable period. If you would like to schedule a session with me to discuss how the eclipses personally affect your chart click the link below. Be sure to use the code WELCOME for 10% off your session being a member of my newsletter.

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