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Venus in Pisces - Inhale Peace, Exhale Ease


On Thursday January 26 Venus moves into Pisces until February 20th. This is a much needed reprieve after being under the cold and drying influence of Saturn in Aquarius. Venus and Saturn don’t really see eye to eye on most things. Venus has dominion over the life nurturing properties of art, beauty, ease, and relational enjoyment. She wants to connect and make things grow. Like the Empress card in the Tarot, she represents the richness of abundance and living a life in full bloom. Saturn, on the other hand is the planet of the cold climb of responsibility, unrelenting pressure, and isolation. In a nutshell, Saturn really cramps her style.

Now that she is freely moving away from Saturn’s influence, she can take a refreshing plunge into oceanic Pisces over the next month. Planets are better equipped in certain signs based on how well they resonate with the terrain of that part of the zodiac. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces meaning she is like a celebrated guest in the house of Pisces. Her ability to harmonize is celebrated and her love of beauty has an outlet to restore ease through healing connection.

This is important. I am a firm believer in pleasure and joy as tools for self healing and improving any area of our lives. Pleasure and joy help us find meaning and act as loving support as we reach for our goals. Discipline and structure on their own will only lead to drought if we don’t have the nourishing rains of relaxation, pleasure, and enjoyment to create the right environment for new growth.

Venus is Pisces is loving balm. Depending on which house she is moving through, Venus brings more ease, flow, and healing to that part of your life. Here are some possible manifestations based on your rising sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Message me for a free chart calculation based on your birth time. An accurate birth time is important as the rising sign changes 1° every 4 mins. It is the most personal and sensitive part of your chart. I will send you a brief questionnaire to collect your birth data and email you your chart.

Venus through the Houses
Look for your rising sign

Aries Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 12th house, you are being invited to deepen your relationship with the numinous. Isolation is sometimes necessary to quiet the mind enough to be open to the voice of your higher self. Think of this month as a retreat from outward relationships. You may feel fatigued by the needs of others, with your own repressed needs knocking on your door demanding your attention. Do your best to find pockets of solitude to give voice to these needs. Learn to listen to the whispers of this voice so that it doesn’t have to scream in order to get your attention going forward.

Taurus Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 11th house, you are being called to invest your energy and attention into your social network. Now is the time to nurture and water your friendships and other social contacts. Call up that old friend that you just simply lost touch with. Who cares if you haven’t spoken in months or even years! They may have been too embarrassed by letting the time pass, that they have been waiting for you to make the first move. If you have been feeling lonely, join a social group that aligns with your values. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Who knows, you may make a lifelong friend!

Gemini Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 10th house, career and reputation are being bestowed the blessing of ease, flow, and connection. You might work on a project that aligns with your values and speaks to your loving heart. Being born with Pisces on the 10th house cusp, you likely have a philanthropic quality to your work in the world. Pisces is concerned with the easing of suffering. WIth Venus lighting up this part of your life, you might embark in more charitable work or even receive some kind of promotion. Remember Venus is exalted in Pisces and you likely are to receive important support on your journey this month.

Cancer Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 9th house, you are seeking expansion in your worldview. You may take a trip somewhere beautiful near the ocean, or seek out some form of artistic education. If you have always wanted to learn to paint, write, or make pottery, now is a great time to invest in some kind of special training. The 9th house is also the house associated with religion, philosophy, and belief systems. Seek comfort in connection with your spiritual practice, whatever it is.

Leo Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 8th house, you are receiving support in the realm of mental health and ease of anxiety. You are likely to have healing breakthroughs in therapy or in your own exploration of your fears and shadow. You may experience financial support that allows you to make headway on debt that has been pressuring you and creating anxiety, or you may make a powerful investment that supports your future financial security.

Virgo Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 7th house, your interpersonal relationships will experience more ease and gentle healing. If you and your partner have been distant or not seeing eye to eye, this transit will be a sigh of relief. You can use this time to mend any problems that have been plaguing your relationship and replace bad habits with loving, supportive ones.

Libra Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 6th house, your daily routine is wanting more inspiration. By adding meditation, art, and stress reducing practices to your routine, you will better support your health and well-being. The 6th house shows parts of our body that are susceptible to health challenges. Pisces rules the feet. Show your feet some tender, loving care by cultivating a healthy foot routine with gentle exercises, stretches, and massages.

Scorpio Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 5th house, you are being asked to play and bring in more fun, spontaneity, and sensual self-expression. Get creative! Find what turns you on. Art, pleasure, and eroticism are all welcome to explore. Give yourself permission to eat at new,exciting restaurants, go see live theater or music, and/or buy yourself a little something for your personal pleasure. Sense pleasures are a path towards transcendence for you.

Sagittarius Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 4th house, your home and family life are receiving support. Venus in Pisces loves beauty. Use this time to decorate your home making it more inspiring. Start with the room that you spend the most time in. Invest in a special piece of art to liven up the place. Family dynamics are also receiving a much needed reprieve. Gentle communication coupled with the intention to heal any emotional rifts can move mountains this month.

Capricorn Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 3rd house, you may receive support from your siblings, neighbors, or childhood friends. Connection is key. The 3rd house also signifies writing and communication. You may be inspired to use writing as a powerful tool for healing. Traditionally known as the house of the goddess, Venus in the 3rd may connect you to the nurturing yin principle of the divine.

Aquarius Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 2nd house, you may experience ease and support in your relationship with money. The 2nd house is our resources, financial and otherwise. Anything you find to be of value falls into this category. You could receive financial support to ease the pressure. You may also use any extra abundance this month to set yourself up for the following months. Can you put some extra money away for a rainy day? Your future self will thank you.

Pisces Ascendant - With Venus transiting your 1st house, you may experience direct healing and the unwinding of tension in your physical body and your mind. With Pisces rising you are going to experience this transit more personally than all the other signs. Enjoy the loving embrace of Venus in Pisces. You may feel a greater sense of love and appreciation for your fellow humans and a deeper connection with all that is. Be open to the beauty of the world and celebrate your sensitivity as it is your greatest gift. Tap into your creativity and look for inspiration to support you in all that you do.

Let me know how you relate to your personal Venus forecast for the next month. To learn more about your own natal chart and have an even more personal guidance book a session with me here.

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